Ovad Custom Stages

The Delta Booth

Perfect for small spaces with moderate volume

Our smallest footprint booth is designed for smaller car dealerships, or other operations which don't have the space or budget for a fully automated solution. The photos are taken manually, with the lightbooth doing the heavy work of framing and lighting the car.

This 36 x 25 x 12 booth can handle a Chevy Suburban or smaller size vehicle. The Delta Booth allows a non-photographer to capture high quality exterior and interior photos.


Arranged around the outside of the booth are 8 to 12 different camera station. Each camera station has it's own customized and optimized light setting. The operator puts the camera through the camera station, and points and shoots the camera.

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After exteriors are completed, the operator enters the room with a handheld camera. This camera wirelessly synchronizes with a unique strobe group which has be optimized for lighting the interior without overexposed window flare.

The domed end of the room provides clean white windows at every angle.

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