Ovad Custom Stages

See our innovations in action in these video demonstrations.

Drive through the Drive-Thru is less than 30 seconds.

Our client ABC Birmingham produced this video about their booth

The driver pulls up, waits for the green light and then idles through the booth in under 30 seconds. By the time the car is out of the tunnel, photos are in the hot folder, ready to be uploaded to the internet.

If you've got a high volume operation - and speed is what you need - our Drive-Thru Tunnel is what you need.  In this video, you'll see how ABC uses our Drive-Thru Tunnel to drive sales and stay on the cutting edge of marketing cars on the internet.

Our client Carvana was looking to spin cars 360° in an automated manner. They love their Roundhouse so much, they use it in their promo video.

The door alone on our Delta Booth is a feat of engineering.

We produced these array shots, and this inspired our booth technology

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