April 21, 2017

Tourism on a timeline

We’ve been too busy to see much of the sites in Queensland – but what we’ve seen is great.

We’ve seen the Infinity Tower – which was up until recently the tallest building in Brisbane.




























We’ve seen these guys at the local pub:




























There’s a skatepark near where we are staying – graffiti is the international language of skate bowls:





















We’ve seen some of the local wildlife, safely behind glass.  Seriously – the default size for fauna in Australia is “HOLY COW THAT’S BIG!”

Three things to notice in this picture:

  1. The reflection of the oversized lizards in the glass.
  2. The look on the Flying-fox’s face – which seems to say, “I too, am amazed that they were able to catch me.”
  3. The casual way the description says “common in many urban centres.”  Common. In urban centers.  And you thought pigeons were bad.

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