Ovad Custom Stages

Discover the world's most efficient product photography system from the world's most innovative industry photographer

It’s no surprise that OVAD has created yet another ‘first’ in automotive photography. Our founder, Davo Scheich, has been pioneering new media photography and automated imaging systems for the automotive industry since 1995 -- when he was one of the first to introduce 360-degree 'spin’ technology. For more info, check out davo.com.

Founded in 2014, OVAD combines high-level commercial photography expertise and industry-inspired engineering skills to produce innovative photo systems that customers across the U.S are calling a “game changer.”

Custom-made for the automotive and entertainment industries.

OVAD’s patented camera array systems and innovative stage designs give you the power to create world-class photography in seconds flat, with zero hassle, at a fraction of the cost. The video below shows our camera array system in a wide variety of uses.

World Class Photography

Today, world-class imagery is no longer a luxury. It’s expected. That’s why OVAD systems produce photography that is near-OEM advertising quality, making it easy to blow your audience away-- in a fraction of the time, at a sliver of the cost

Zero Hassle

OVAD camera array systems and custom-made stages strip away the normal hassles associated with car lot photography. The result is lightning-fast results, time after time, with no headaches.

Anyone can do it

Our system is designed so simply that anyone -- regardless of staff level or technical expertise -- can produce near-OEM image quality.

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